Friday, February 28, 2014


Why do we cling so strongly to tradition?  The answer is, in a way, obvious.  That's what we've always done.  But there's something deeper there.

We follow tradition because our very selves are molded by others.  And we automatically know that we are not as experienced as others.  So we follow their example, go with the flow.  We create memories that become our real reason for doing tradition.  And stupid traditions that we don't even like?  I can't explain every case, but it's because we hold on to things.  We're afraid that if we let go of something significant in our past, we'll let go of a part of ourselves.  Not to mention the fact that we are attracted to rules.  Humans talk about freedom, but we really can't get along without making some rules.  There is no such thing as absolute freedom.  We are always accountable to ourselves and God. 

And perhaps tradition is one of the rules we make for ourselves, to anchor us down.  Something to hold on to so that we don't get lost in the world.  Of course, traditions aren't the only ways to do that, but they are one of the best.

Whatever happens, we will always create traditions.  They may be family traditions, they may be little rituals you do to decrease your sense of loneliness.  But we are drawn to rules, and a tradition is a rule that some never tire of.


  1. hello i am meaghan uh-hu its me the champion bad speller!

  2. You make a good observation here. It is also the case that the best of traditions embody a distillation of wisdom from those who have gone before us. Keep that in mind as well. Wisdom is something that the discerning person is always striving after, not something we pick and choose based on our whims (the fool does this). In life, it is challenging to stay on the wise side of the line. Tradition can be helpful in this. Especially helpful if you work to understand the wisdom at the core of whatever tradition you find yourself a part of.

  3. Greg-t, thank you for your comments! They were very insightful, and have actually helped me perceive tradition better.