Sunday, February 26, 2017

March Blog Swap with Clara from The Danger of Dreams!

Hey, would you look at that, I used an exclamation point in the blog post title.  It's taken three years and twenty-nine posts to reach this point, y'all.

Aaaaaand, I went back and looked to make sure.  Turns out I've actually used exclamation points in blog post titles at least four times before this.  So no, don't trust my memory, or my perception of myself.

But I'm not writing this post so I can talk about myself and punctuation.  I'm writing it so I can talk about my good friend Clara.  She has an awesome blog called The Danger of Dreams, which you should totally go to now.  She talks about a lot of cool topics, such as writing, organization, and trashing my sister's car!  Okay, so she hasn't actually talked about that on her blog, but I'm sure we all think she should.

In March she'll take over my blog, and I'll take over hers, and here's what will happen: 

On Girl with the Binder, you'll get some lovely--nay, fabulous--posts on writing and organization.  Let's face it, most of us could use help with that.  If you read my blog (which you probably do...) you know that I certainly could.  And no, I'm not going to put an exclamation point on that.  Clara is an awesome organizationist, and I'm so happy she'll be sharing some things with us.  I may post once or twice during the month on my home blog, but you know me.

Meanwhile, over on The Danger of Dreams, I'll be writing a few posts on writing and inspiration.  On her blog, Clara said: She'll be addressing the topic of Inspiration and taking her own unique spin on what it means and how we as writers harness it.  If truth be told, that itself inspires me, and I'm burning up with the desire to write out ALL THE THOUGHTS.  So yeah, I'm looking forward to that.

I'm sure y'all will enjoy this March, with all of its madness.  Clara will take very good care of you, and I'm sure I'll come back to find you all so much smarter and more organized than you used to be.  If you please though, do also come over to The Danger of Dreams and see what I'm doing over there.

Looking forward to it?  I know I am!  Be sure and give Clara a big welcome when she comes!