Monday, February 2, 2015

My Most Recent Piece of Writing--Satire!

To be specific, politically satirical poetry.  I've written a political poem before, but it was much more serious and pretty much a poem about what is going to happen if we keep going down this road.  This one has a more light-hearted feel and has a really weird meter that I used for convenience.

Let's Make a Rule

Let's make a rule!
A god, of sorts
That we can dress ourselves.
To be a tool
That when we wish
We can set upon the shelf.
Something rather
To them when they first hear.
(If they gather
The real purpose
They might not let us come near.)
A help to us
And everyone.
We, of course, know best.
And if they fuss
We'll call them names
And frighten all the rest.
We like this plan!
Just what we need
To keep everyone under control.
We'll gather fans
Show them who's boss
And say it's for the people!
There we have it.
Picture perfect.
We are on our way
To having them admit
That we're in charge.
I believe we've claimed the day.

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