Ending a story
Ending a life
Beginning true peace
Beginning the strife

Seeing the picture
Setting a trend
Where's the beginning?
And is there an end?

Ending in love
But your heart torn in two
It's just the beginning
A gift yet a rue


A Dying Soul

A dying soul
is trapped in my heart
Trying to get free
Its morbid goal
Its terrifying part
Resounds inside of me

It wants to be gone
Far away from me
It hates my very heart
And pain goes on
As I start to see
A single, fateful start

To a dreadful plot
Leading to death
It's strength it can't contain
But the pain is not
The killing of breath
And the blood is starting to stain

My soul has left
Now I'm starting to see
Why it wanted to leave
Now there's a cleft
Where my soul ought to be
Now we can both die in peace


 The Song

I heard a song drift by me
As I was lying down
It sounded like a lonesome tune
That came up from the ground
A last regret, perhaps?
A whisper of the past?
A dying fear that the line was finished,
That this one was the last?
And though I knew not why
A tear rose in my eye
I didn't know quite what to do
So I began to cry
This person died alone
He died forlorn and sad
A body in the ground
A song was all he had
If I die alone
Will someone hear my song?
Will he be a stranger?
Or will he miss me when I'm gone
And so I drew my blankets
I wiped away my tears
I closed my eyes and smiled
And soothed my darkened fears
"Good night, be still," I sang
It would prepare someone for day
And then I went to sleep
As the memories drifted away


I am a world full of contradictions.
I am a sword sharpened, and swung at rocks.
My heart laughs at its sadness.
Afraid to be reached, I let my gates unlock.

I am a proud fire asking how to burn.
I am a tear of misery of joy.
I am a lion content to rest.
I am a lamb who wants to destroy.

At rest in my ambition, I run and lay still.
At peace with myself, I abuse what I am.
I lie without deceit, pain is a cool breeze.
Please crack my impossible cryptogram.

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